Truffle Honey Popcorn!
I was working from home today and eating one of my favorite snacks, and it dawned on me that I should tell you all about it.  It’s super simple...your favorite air-popped pop corn with a healthy drizzle of truffle honey over it.  Now, I know many people feel that the plethora of truffle oils and truffle foams found in restaurants of late is getting to be a bit obnoxious, but you have to still love that rich, decadent, earthy flavor of truffles!  So I always have a jar of truffle honey in my fridge and often have truffle oil on hand as well. (awesome on just about everything, but especially asparagus, eggs and pasta).  It’s just such a simple way to make an ordinary meal or snack feel a bit special.
A Family that Cooks Together…

...stays together.  Isn't that the way the saying goes?  No?  Huh.  Well, that's how we feel in our house at least.  And honestly, it's one of the main ways that we are able to crank out so many delicious home-cooked meals while both being extremely busy working professionals.  So my SavoryGirl tip for today is two-fold.
First, if you haven't yet found your partner in life when you're thinking about who to settle down with make sure it is someone who has similar life goals to you.  Now this may sound obvious, but I can't tell you how many people I have watched be upset when their husband is content eating fast food for dinner but the wife wants to spend time/money/energy on home cooked meals and then ends up bitter because she feels under-appreciated (or vice versa).
Lentil Country Supper

Oh, this is one of our all-time favorites. I got it out of a magazine years ago but I've been making it so long I can't remember which magazine exactly...but I've adapted it a bit over the years I think.  You’ll see it on my menus at least once every couple of simple but so very soul satisfying, healthy and good.  It’s one of those dishes that really allows simple clean flavors to shine and makes you remember that sometimes, less really is more! To make this a quick weeknight meal, plan it when your roasting butternut squash earlier in the week for a different meal and just roast up a second one ahead of time.  You can also cook the lentils the night before while your cooking a different meal and then this meal turns into just simple assembly.  Even if you do it all the night of, it’s very easy the squash and lentils just take ~40 minutes to cook...but you can be off doing something else while they’re cooking!
Root Vegetable Tagine with Spice Roasted Chickpeas

This was a new recipe for us (from Bon Appétit’s Oct, 2010 issue), but it sounded like a delicious and hearty vegetarian Sunday supper so we gave it a try.  I say it’s a Sunday supper, simply because it is labor intensive...about 2 hours from start to finish (including 35-40 minutes simmering time).  It’s the type of recipe that scares off a novice cook just based on the long list of ingredients and multiple steps, but in reality it is all very easy...just takes a bit of time to do all of the chopping and seasoning steps. Stay organized and prep everything (like your own little mise en place) before you start actually cooking and it will go just fine!

One shortcut is to use pre-ground spices...but for the ones it recommends toasting, feel free to still do that with the powder (just really keep an eye on it since it will burn super quickly) to really enhance the flavors.  Also, the spiced chickpeas are a not skip those!  I found that they could use a bit more seasoning though so feel free to go heavy handed.  A dollop of low-fat Greek yogurt on top of this dish would be a nice addition as well. 
SavoryGirl’s First Ever Video – Cambodian Fruit

Welcome, to my first ever SavoryGirl video!  The content is fun and I think you’ll enjoy it...a quick tour through some of the exotic Cambodian fruit.  Milk fruit was my favorite, but there really wasn’t a bad one in the bunch.  The others featured are Jackfruit, longans, rambutans and sapodilla.

Link to the video is can also see other SavoryGirl videos on my videos tab.

So while I definitely think the content is fun, the videography and energy may not be quite perfect, but hey it was my first try!  I am certainly not a professional at this (yet anyway!) and Christian is not a professional videographer, just a super kind and supportive hubby...but we did the best we could!  So I’ve gone with a bit of the cheesy imovie effects this first time jazz it up a bit. I also had originally planned on including some of the video I shot at the markets getting the fruit and talking to the locals, but because I’m always worried about intruding and making people uncomfortable that footage ended up a bit underwhelming.  I guess I’ll have to work on not caring what people think and just going for it in public!

So if there are any videographers/on-camera personalities out there that have some advice, I’m all ears!  Otherwise, thanks for taking the time to check it out!  
Cambodian Foodie Photos

I’ve been painfully slow getting all of my photos and videos out from our recent travels...sorry abou that!  The post-vacation doldrums (it’s painful re-entering the real world!) are slowing me down a bit.  But, I’ve just uploaded my Cambodia Foodie photos and my exploration of some of the exotic fruits we tried in Cambodia is on deck and should be posted in the next day or so. Click here to see the newly uploaded Cambodia Foodie photos!


Kuy Teau Pork Noodle Soup & Cambodian Coffee for Breakfast!

SavoryGirl’s Spaghetti & Meatballs

I get rave reviews about my spaghetti and meatballs from Christian...granted, he loves most of my cooking, but still he really likes when I make this!  It's a little blasphemous since I'm Italian, but I often use jarred sauces (Francesco Rinaldi is my favorite, although a bit expensive) and I mostly use ground turkey rather than the richer beef/veal/pork combo.  But you know, it makes my dish a bit easier, more affordable and somewhat healthier.  So be it.  I don’t really have a recipe for this...I kind of just wing it since I’ve been making it for so long, but I’ve outlined my basics below in case you do want to follow along:
Weekly Menu: April 17-23, 2011
Sunday: Spaghetti & Meatballs Monday: Grilled white fish with sauteed spinach and wild rice (DIY) Tuesday: leftovers: Spaghetti & Meatballs Wednesday: Egg Dish...most likely Huevos Rancheros (DIY) Thursday: Tortellini Soup with Broccoli & Mushrooms Friday: leftovers: Tortellini Soup Saturday: Eat out   Since this is our first week back from 2 1/2 weeks of vacation in Asia, I’ve planned a pretty easy menu week.  A bit carb heavy I guess, but some good ‘ole American comfort food for our return!
…and, I’m Back!

Hi there!  It’s been a while, but I am officially back in the US, over my severe jet lag, and able to update the site!  I can’t begin to explain how amazing Thailand and Cambodia were, but I will have a few dedicated posts to that very topic over the next week.  Stay tuned for a video of me exploring Cambodian exotic fruits and another of me enjoying my very first cricket in Thailand!  I’ll also post all of our food-related pictures from the trip and share some of the recipes we got after our Thai cooking class (which produced very authentic and delicious Thai food!).