Weekly Menu: July 31st – August 6th 2011
Sunday: White Bean & Kale Soup
Monday: Salmon with Snap Peas, Yellow Peppers & Dill-Pistachio Pistou
Tuesday: Leftovers: Soup
Wednesday: Grilled Chicken “Parmigana” over rapini & tomatoes
Thursday: Spicy Thai Tofu with Red Bell Peppers & Peanuts
Friday: Leftovers: Grilled Chicken Tacos w/ Jalepeno Black Beans
Saturday: Eat Out
So, Christian has decided to fully commit himself to training for an Olympic distance triathlon...he’s been considering it for a while, but this week he’s decided it’s go-time! He’s done one sprint distance triathlon in the past with great results (especially considering he didn’t really train for the swimming or running!) and I’m sure he’ll kill this one too. Very exciting! So what does that mean for the weekly dinner menus? While I certainly think they’ve always been pretty healthy and balanced they’ll have to get even healthier! Not sure exactly how yet or what that means but we’ll learn as Christian gets deeper into his training...so stay tuned. In the meanwhile, enjoy my attempt at a lighter menu this week.  
Menu: July 24-30
Sunday: Salt & Pepper Rib Eye with Grilled Scallions and Tuscan Kale Caesar Slaw
Monday: Catalan Fish Stew with Pimenton Mayonnaise
Tuesday: “Grown Up” BLTs (DIY)
Wednesday: Leftovers: Fish Stew
Thursday: Leftovers: BLTs
Friday: Eat Out
Saturday: Eggs Benedict (DIY)
I'm excited about this week's menu...it's a little meat-heavier than usual but I've been making my way through my stack of Bon Appétit and Food & Wine Magazines and these recipes rose to the top.  So be it!

For the BLT, it was honestly the editor's letter to the August 2011 Bon Appétit magazine that inspired me...I can't seem to find it online but it should still be on newsstands so pick yourself up a copy.  The essence of it is that a BLT can be an amazing sandwich if you use unique and uber-fresh ingredients...and when it comes to amazing tomatoes now is the time to strike (heirloom, please!).  Be creative with the lettuces (arugula?), bread, and mayo/dressing too.  Lastly, don't skimp on the bacon get some of the good stuff from your local butcher shop, not the grocery store.  And if you want to add your favorite cheese, go for it!  Isn't your mouth watering just at the thought of it?  
Perfect Homemade Gnocchi

We’ve tried our hand at making homemade gnocchi a few times now and I have to say that Mario Batali’s recipe and instructions are by far the best and most consistent.  The only change I would make is to add a bit more salt than the recipe calls for...so maybe 2 pinches, but otherwise perfect.  We used our gnocchi in one of our favorite Eating Well in Season summer recipes - Gnocchi with Zucchini Ribbons & Parsley Brown Butter. Your first time making homemade gnocchi?  Here are a few step by step tips:
Pancetta Crisps with Goat Cheese & Figs

I made these delicious & easy little suckers from the November 2010 Bon Appétit for Thanksgiving last year and they've been a go-to appetizer in our house ever since...well at least when we can find fresh figs (although I've also used fresh dates...if you do that you can skip the jam/preserves though). They are so super easy to make...mostly assembly and since you can crisp up the pancetta in advance.
Menu: July 17-23 2011
Sunday: Takeout on way home from Sacramento
Monday: Broiled White Fish with Candy-Stripe Beet & Carrot Slaw
Tuesday: Gnocchi with Zucchini Ribbons & Parsley Brown Butter
Wednesday: Chicken Cutlets with Asparagus, Capers & Shallots
Thursday: Leftovers: Gnocchi
Friday: Leftovers: Chicken turned into quesadillas
Saturday: Eat Out
So you’ll notice there’s a repeat this week from last week....that’s because we ended up going to Sacramento for 2 nights so we didn’t end up making it but still have all of the ingredients. If you need a substitute meal feel free to dig back into the archives. Otherwise I’m pretty excited to try out this new slaw recipe from this month’s Bon Appétit and to bring one of our old summertime favorites back with this gnocchi and zucchini recipe from one of our favorite cookbooks - Eating Well in Season.    
Fort Mason Farmer’s Market

When we first moved to the Marina almost two years ago we were pretty happy with our decision after 3+ years of noise & shenanigans in the TrendyLoin, TenderNob or whatever you wanted to call our old ‘hood. However, there were two things we really missed...diversity (of both cuisines and people) and the fabulous Heart of the City Farmer’s Market in the Civic Center that we used to walk to each Sunday.

  For our first 6 months in the Marina we were shocked to find that there was no Farmer’s Market at all within walking distance (with all of us yuppies? what gives?!) but then last summer the Fort Mason Farmer’s Market opened up on Sundays from 9:30-1:30 for the summer only. Lucky for us it was such a success that they decided to keep it open year round and it is still going strong 1 year later.
Menu: July 10-July 16 2011
Sunday: Salmon Panzanella
Monday: Leftovers: Salmon Panzanella
Tuesday: Leftovers: Soup
Wednesday: Leftovers: Umbrian Lentil Soup from freezer (6/5/11 menu)
Thursday: Chicken Cutlets with Asparagus, Capers & Shallots
Friday: Eat Out
Saturday: Leftovers: Chicken turned into quesadillas
All of the recipes this week are really straightforward and simple which is good because life has been feeling a bit hectic lately and so I’ve had a hard time fitting in the gym this past week. Hopefully a simplified dinner week will help get me back in balance! For the DIY pasta night, I’m trying out Bon Appétit’s “perfect pasta” tips from their Italy Issue (May 2011)  
…and, we’re Live! Check out SavoryGirl on TV!


Woo, hoo!  The Check, Please! Bay Area Season 6 Opener featuring yours truly aired a bit earlier tonight and if I do say so myself it was a pretty great episode!  As promised, I have posted the link to the episode for those of you who missed it: Online Season 6 Opener of Check, Please! Bay Area...did you watch?  What did you think?!  Are you going to Saha ASAP?! Since my post on Tuesday I’ve had quite a few questions about what the Check, Please! Bay Area experience was like...especially after my “I hope I’m not a total fool after all of that wine they fed us in the green room :)” line!  So here goes, for those of you interested I strongly encourage you go submit an application yourself!
SavoryGirl on Check, Please! Bay Area this Thursday!

I have some exciting news to share...your very own SavoryGirl is on the Season Six opener of Check, Please! Bay Area on Thursday at 7:30pm on KQED!  5 other airing times as well...check below!

I have to admit I love being on camera, especially when talking about food!  The restaurants reviewed on the show are as follows...along with a slight teaser regarding what I thought about each one, but you’ll have to tune in to get the full scoop:
Menu: July 3-9 2011
  • Sunday: Camping @ Sequoia Natl. Park!
  • Monday: Takeout on way home from Sequoia
  • Tuesday: Shrimp & Avocado Omelets with Honey Butter Toast (DIY)
  • Wednesday: Veggie Pasta (DIY)
  • Thursday: Thai Coconut Curry Soup
  • Friday: Leftovers: Soup
  • Saturday: Eat Out
  •   This week is a bit haphazard with us just returning from our 3-night camping trip and getting back into the swing of things so mostly DIY easy meals and one soup from our Almost Meatless cookbook.  Have a wonderful 4th of July Weekend!