Weekly Menu: November 30 – December 6, 2014

Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich

Sunday: Leftovers: Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich!
Monday: Leftovers: Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich!
Tuesday: Warriors Game!
Wednesday:   Leftovers: Lentil Country Supper (from last week)
Thursday: Drinks and Dinner Out
Friday: In San Diego!
Saturday: In San Diego!
Well...I'm useless this week. Still have lots of leftovers in the fridge from Thanksgiving and even a bit of leftovers from last week still. So I'll be finishing those up before heading out of town to go catch the Patriots play the Chargers in San Diego for the weekend. For those of you who need a little Thanksgiving leftover inspiration though, my classic leftovers sandwich photo above should get your mouth watering!

As always, if you need a few more recipes  visit my menu archives and recipes to find other meals to round out your week. Happy cooking...
Weekly Menu: November 23-29, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey

Sunday: Herbed Veal T-Bones with Cheesy Polenta and Roasted Asparagus
Monday: Lentil Country Supper
Tuesday: Leftovers: Veal with Cheesy Polenta
Wednesday:   Leftovers: Lentil Country Supper
Thursday: Thanksgiving with Friends!
Friday: Thanksgiving Leftovers
Saturday: Dinner Date!
Starting off the week with another Omaha Steaks cooking adventure!  This time it's using Veal T-Bones...but I recruited a friend who's a good cook to help me make (and eat) this one. He's going to leverage the recipe linked above as inspiration, but since it's a different cut of veal than in the recipe we'll adapt the cooking approach accordingly. Should be tasty, although I have to say I've never had veal t-bones before so will be interested to see how it turns out! Then I'm bringing back an old, healthy winter favorite...lentil country supper.  Rounding out the rest of the week is Thanksgiving, of course!  I'm heading to a Friendsgiving this year so not putting on my full spread like I normally do but I am still making my Spicy Cranberry-Pepper Jelly, Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallow & Coconut and Rum Pumpkin Pie.  Wouldn't be Thanksgiving to me without those three!

As always, if you need a few more recipes  visit my menu archives and recipes to find other meals to round out your week. Happy cooking...
Weekly Menu: November 16-22, 2014
Sunday: Leftovers: White Chicken Chili
Monday: Bison Filet Mignon with Gorgonzola Twice Baked Potatoes & Warm Spinach Salad
Tuesday: Leftovers: White Chicken Chili
Wednesday:   Dinner Date!
Thursday: Hopalong Board Meeting
Friday: Breakfast for Dinner
Saturday: Dinner Date!
My white chicken chili from last week lasted a bit longer than I had planned due to some impromptu plans last week so that will help me round out this week as well.  Monday I'm having my friends Jonathan and Katherine over to help me cook up (and eat!) one of my Omaha Steaks dinners that I'll blog about for SteakBytes.com.  So we're keeping it classic alongside the Bison Filet Mignons that I just had delivered by pairing them with Gorgonzola Twice Baked Potatoes and a Warm Spinach Salad with Bacon, Tomato and Red Onion. Decadent and delicious, but should serve well for a post about a New Year's Eve dinner...stay tuned for that!

As always, if you need a few more recipes  visit my menu archives and recipes to find other meals to round out your week. Happy cooking...
Weekly Menu: November 9-15, 2014

White Bean Chili Fixin's!

Sunday: Dinner & Movie with a friend
Monday: Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili
Tuesday: Leftovers: Pho Ga from Sundays Dinner
Wednesday:   Leftovers: Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili
Thursday: Leftovers: Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili
Friday: Friend's Birthday Dinner in Wine Country!
Saturday: Friend's Birthday Dinner!
I'm finally back from my whirlwind 2 1/2 week work trip and while I'm excited to be back at home cooking again it's a bit of a hectic week.  So I'm making a big batch of America's Test Kitchen's Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili to get me through the week.  Nice and hearty for this time of year, but pretty healthy too.

As always, if you need a few more recipes  visit my menu archives and recipes to find other meals to round out your week. Happy cooking...
SavoryGirl’s October Posts for Omaha Steaks

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October was my first month as a guest blogger for Omaha Steaks and, of course, I wanted to share my first two posts with all of you! While I'm technically not getting paid to do this, I do get free product of my choosing based on the topic themes of the month.  That being said, I would never write anything I didn't enjoy or believe in and to be honest both my parents and I have enjoyed Omaha Steaks on occasion for years and years.  So when the opportunity presented itself it felt like an authentic way to get SavoryGirl a bit more awareness and visibility.

For my first month, I wrote two posts, which I've shared below. To be 100% candid, I absolutley love their Rapid Roast technology.  Both the teriyaki pork tenderloin and the beef wellington goes straight from the freezer to the oven, stay in a vacuum sealed pack and cook up with making zero mess at all.  Does it get any easier?  And they both cooked perfectly according to the directions.  I really enjoyed the Beef Wellington and would buy these again on my own...steak cooked perfectly and the mushroom pate and flaky crust felt decadent just as Beef Wellington should!  The pork tenderloin cooked up well, but to be honest the teriyaki glaze was a bit too salty for my taste. And you all know how SavoryGirl feels about salt! So next time I make it I would likely pair it with a sweet glaze or dipping sauce to counterbalance the teriyaki marinade. Since my pineapple fried rice that i served along side it is also a pretty salty the overall meal was a bit much, despite the sweetness of the pineapple. So I'd also likely choose a different side dish to balance out the flavors...maybe a sweet potato pineapple bake or something along those lines.

So, here are my very first guest blog posts for Omaha Steaks' SteakBytes Blog...check them out and let me know what you think!

Rapid Roast Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin with Pineapple Fried Rice

Beef Wellington Bites with Red Wine Rosemary Dipping Sauce

I'll continue to share my monthly posts here on SavoryGirl, but if you want to keep an eye on them yourself my page on the Omaha Steaks SteakBytes Blog can be found here.