Happy in My Soul: My First Farm to Table Dinner

Bloomfield Farms Inaugural Farm to Table Dinner

A little over six months ago I had the opportunity to cross an item off my bucket list and go to my first truly Farm to Table dinner. This experience was so amazing that it re-ignited a long time dream of mine and spurred me into action. Hence my last post about some changes ahead, so it only seemed appropriate that I tell you about this experience as my first post of the new SavoryGirl. The dinner was hosted at Bloomfield Farms in Petaluma, CA on a gorgeous summer evening in July.  It was the first one they've ever done, organized by a farm friend, sommelier and restauranteur David Lynch of St. Vincent Tavern and Wine Merchant here in San Francisco. So a few friends and I met at St. Vincent on a Sunday afternoon, piled into a chartered bus and sipped rose as we rode up to Petaluma with the sun starting to set over the hills of wine country. That gorgeous view out the window of the bus was enough to make me nostalgic for the summer I spent in Napa during my MBA internship and I found myself in an amazing mood as I stepped off the bus 90 minutes later.


As we began to walk around Bloomfield Farms my mood skyrocketed...breathing in the fresh air, taking in the views and playing bocce while sipping wine with the very people who grew the grapes and made the wine from three vineyards all within miles of Bloomfield Farms. This all reminded me of an idea I had for a business years ago but had buried deep while I built my life and career here in San Francisco. As I though about this idea again while enjoying the wine and having fun with my friends I found myself saying over and over again that this experience was making me "happy in my soul".  And this was all before the food!

Big Changes for SavoryGirl!

SavoryGirl Refocus

There are big changes afoot and I wanted my SavoryGirl fans to be the first to hear about them! First, let me apologize for my recent lack of attention to SavoryGirl in general...as I've been thinking though some of these things and figuring out what it means for SavoryGirl I've definitely neglected the site and all of you.  I'm sure you've noticed over the past few months though that my weekly menus aren't very helpful since I'm out socializing a lot more in my fabulous new single life.  I've also been mailing it in a bit on other content since I'm not cooking as often, which doesn't feel good and certainly isn't engaging for my readers. So I apologize for that...and while I can't guarantee things will turn around overnight, I'm more excited about SavoryGirl and other related projects than I have been in a while!

So what are these changes? Let me give you a few ideas...