Broiled Figs with Yogurt, Nuts & Honey

The recipe below is a SavoryGirl original that was inspired by what was in season at the Farmer's Market years ago when Christian & I first started trying to eat locally and seasonally.  While it is certainly different now, growing up in New England the only thing I knew about figs was that they were a critical component of Fig Newton's...oh how I've grown.  Now we count the days until fresh figs appear at our Farmer's Market each year.  If you're lucky you'll get an early crop in the spring and then another crop in the keep your eyes peeled!

Weekly Menu: October 2-8, 2011
Sunday: Returning from Chicago...likely airport food ;(
Monday: SavoryGirl's Tortellini Soup
Tuesday: Grilled Salmon with Roasted Rapini & Cherry Tomatoes (DIY)
Wednesday: Leftovers: Tortellini Soup
Thursday: Lentil Country Supper
Friday: Leftovers: Lentil Country Supper
Saturday: Eat Out - something healthy, likely Sushi
So, we're back from our hectic & fun week of travels to Austin, Peoria & Chicago and back to our trusty weekly menus...and boy do we need it.  Between Austin's great BBQ and Tex-Mex and Chicago's Italian Beef's & Deep Dish we feel like we've been on all-meat diets for the past 9 days...yikes!  So while we're starting the week off with what I'll call healthy-comfort food (you gotta ease-in from the vacation food, ya know?), the rest of the week is focused on being healthy, light and meat free.

If you haven't made the DIY roasted rapini & cherry tomatoes yet it's one of our favorite easy veggies.  Just get a head of broccoli rabe/rapini, chop off the thick stalks and then rinse & chop up the leafy greens.  Throw them onto a deep roasting pan (covered with foil for easy clean-up), cherry tomatoes and season liberally with olive oil, garlic powder, salt & pepper and roast at 400 for about 15 minutes, stirring half way through.  Everything is done when the greens are wilted and starting to get a bit crispy and some of the tomatoes start to explode.  Yum.
Weekly Menu: September 25 – October 1, 2011
Sunday: In Austin - Michelle's Wedding!
Monday: In Austin
Tuesday: In Austin
Wednesday: In Peoria, IL for work
Thursday: In Peoria, IL for work
Friday: In Chicago
Saturday: In Chicago
I apologize...but you're on your own this week!  As you can see from above I'm traveling all week.  Of course, all of this travel means lots of good eating and exploring.  I've posted/will post our itineraries for both Austin & Chicago, so take a look here on the Gastronomic Globe Trotting page. If I'm missing anything you would recommend in either city I'd love to hear about it so I can try to add it in.    I'll add updates to each itinerary post when I return to let you know which ones were winners and which I would recommend you skip if you're heading to either city yourself sometime soon.

In the meanwhile, I hope you have a wonderful and tasty menus will be back next week.  This week, feel free to use a menu from the past by scrolling through the menu archives, or try your hand at making a menu of your own.
Weekly Menu: September 18-24, 2011
Sunday: Porcini Parmesan Ravioli with Spicy Sausage Tomato Sauce (DIY)
Monday: Leftovers: Wild Mushroom Risotto (from last week)
Tuesday: Grilled Salmon with Bulgar and Roasted Rapini with Tomatoes (DIY)
Wednesday: Turkey-Jasmine Rice Meatballs with Baby Bok Choy
Thursday: Leftovers: Meatballs & Bok Choy
Friday: TRAVELING!  First night in Austin
Saturday: In Austin
So, we didn't quite make our 7 nights without eating out last week, sad and pathetic, I know.  But that means we have some risotto leftovers to use up this week.  We also have some leftover porcini paste from the risotto recipe that I want to use up so we're going to use it for a ravioli filling...totally DIY, so if it turns out any good I'll share the recipe!  But basically I'm just mixing it with mascarpone, Parmesan, salt, pepper & fresh parsley.  Put it inside some homemade pasta sheets and slather it with a sauce using some leftover spicy turkey sausage we have and canned roasted tomatoes.   The meatball recipe is one of our favorites that we've been making for years...healthy & delicious!
Weekly Menu: September 11-17, 2011
Sunday: Slow Cooker Orange Chipotle Pork Loin with Polenta, Roasted Carrots & Brussel Sprouts
Monday: Grilled White Fish with Roasted Rapini & Tomatoes (DIY)
Tuesday: Eggs in Purgatory with Artichoke Hearts, Potatoes & Capers
Wednesday: Leftovers: Orange Chipotle Tacos
Thursday: Leftovers: Eggs in Purgatory
Friday: Wild Mushroom Risotto & Roasted Red Pepper Spinach Salad
Saturday: Leftovers: Risotto
I love fall...the weather, Christian happy that football is back and the food that it inspires me to make.  Warm, soul satisfying dishes.  So that's what this week is about, the return of fall.  A new slow cooker meal to start the week off, our favorite roasted veggie side with our standard Monday fish dish, a hearty vegetarian egg dish and then a slow-cooked and deeply flavored risotto.  All while being pretty darn healthy if I do say so myself (even the risotto only has 2 TBS of butter!).  And you'll notice we don't have an "eating out" night built in as we usually do...we're trying to cut back for the next couple of weeks since we have trips to Austin & Chicago at the end of this month where we'll do a lot of eating out...but feel free to bump one of the dishes to next week if you don't need all 7 meals.  Enjoy!
Lentil Country Supper

Oh, this is one of our all-time favorites. I got it out of a magazine years ago but I've been making it so long I can't remember which magazine exactly...but I've adapted it a bit over the years I think.  You’ll see it on my menus at least once every couple of simple but so very soul satisfying, healthy and good.  It’s one of those dishes that really allows simple clean flavors to shine and makes you remember that sometimes, less really is more! To make this a quick weeknight meal, plan it when your roasting butternut squash earlier in the week for a different meal and just roast up a second one ahead of time.  You can also cook the lentils the night before while your cooking a different meal and then this meal turns into just simple assembly.  Even if you do it all the night of, it’s very easy the squash and lentils just take ~40 minutes to cook...but you can be off doing something else while they’re cooking!
Barley Pilaf Stuffed Acorn Squash

This is a new recipe for us from one of our favorite cookbooks, Almost Meatless.  The nice thing about it is that it can be a great vegetarian dinner or you can add a bit of crumbled sausage to it if you’re feeding people who can’t fathom why you would ever have a meal without a bit of animal protein (I, admittedly, used to be a card-carrying member of this group!).  But really, doesn’t sausage make everything better?  I digress! If you plan ahead and cook the squash, the rest of this meal is pretty easy and straightforward.  And for a cold, foggy fall or winter night it’s the perfect comfort food...actually a little reminiscent of Thanksgiving (which lovely flavors I personally think shouldn’t be relegated to just once a year!)  Pair it with a full-bodied Chardonnay (we chose Frog’s Leap 2009) and a week night meal turns into an intimate occasion worth savoring!

I LOVE much so that I often say if I was stuck on a desert island for the rest of my life with only one food to eat eggs would be my immediate choice.  So versatile, delicious and nutritious.  That means when I find an egg meal worthy of dinner I get very excited.  A friend of mine shared this recipe with me that she found a while ago on (which is a fab site that I aspire to be even 50% as great as some day!) and swears she makes it at least once a month now, so I’m looking forward to adding it to my recipe repertoire!