White Bean & Kale Soup

This is an oldie but a goodie...filed away in my “Suz’s Recipes” document that I've been creating for as long as I've been cooking. So old that I can’t even recall where it’s from, so apologies if I’m not giving credit where it’s due! It’s a super basic recipe but really yummy, healthy and soul satisfying!
Puff Pastry & Pesto Salmon

I was having a strange craving...I had a vague memory of a shrimp newburg dish I made for my parents back when I was in college and that somehow translated into me craving puff pastry and salmon together. Not exactly linear, but I had been thinking about it for a week and could fight the craving no more.

So I went to one of my new favorite website, foodily.com (which stands for Food I Love You, cute huh?) and typed in “Salmon” and “Puff Pastry”...viola! Several recipes instantly appear that have those two items as ingredients. I chose the Giada recipe below simply because I had lots of Basil in the house that I needed to use up and some leftover pine nuts from something and her recipe called for pesto. I also already had everything else in the house which is always a nice bonus.
DIY Tofu & Veggie Stir-Fry

It’s funny, we used to make stir fry all the time when we were younger and had less money but they seem to have fallen out of our regular cooking rotation these days, which is crazy because they’re simple, healthy and delicious. So tonight’s dish has inspired me to bring them back into the rotation a bit more often!

Since this is a DIY night, no precise recipe, but my approach is below in case your curious:
DIY Fish Tacos

The original plan was to make a different fish recipe tonight since we had tortilla soup earlier in the week, but what can I say...sometimes we get in a Mexican mood and we just can’t get out of it!  We always joke that in our past life we must have been Mexican.  Anyway here is my general approach for fish tacos...pretty simple DIY night.
Chinese Steamed Fish

This is a super easy and delicious way to prepare white fish so it’s healthy and flavorful.  Great for weeknights!  We often serve it with bok choy or broccoli cooked with a bit of sesame oil & sprinkled with sesame seeds (although we did roasted Rapini tonight) and some kind of whole grain.
Thai Chicken Noodle Soup
Oh, I’m down for the count...sick with a cold and not moving from the couch.  So, my sweetheart of a husband cooked up one of our favorite soups, a nice Thai twist on Mom’s homemade chicken noodle soup...just what the doctor ordered!  The recipe below makes about 4 servings...but we always double it since it’s so yummy.  Quick & easy for weeknights too...and only one pot, so quick clean up.
Pork & Noodle Soup with Shrimp

Christian cooked the Pork Noodle Soup with Shrimp (recipe below) tonight since work ran a bit late for me.  That’s another fabulous thing about having a menu posted on the fridge...if I’m not around Christian can dive right in and at least start cooking for us!

Christian’s a good cook, but can get a bit flustered at times so the fact that he told me that this was an easy recipe means it really is easy which makes it perfect for weeknights.  And we both think that it turned out a restaurant quality soup...so much so that we had a hard time restraining ourselves and saving enough for our leftovers night!