Puff Pastry & Pesto Salmon

I was having a strange craving...I had a vague memory of a shrimp newburg dish I made for my parents back when I was in college and that somehow translated into me craving puff pastry and salmon together. Not exactly linear, but I had been thinking about it for a week and could fight the craving no more.

So I went to one of my new favorite website, foodily.com (which stands for Food I Love You, cute huh?) and typed in “Salmon” and “Puff Pastry”...viola! Several recipes instantly appear that have those two items as ingredients. I chose the Giada recipe below simply because I had lots of Basil in the house that I needed to use up and some leftover pine nuts from something and her recipe called for pesto. I also already had everything else in the house which is always a nice bonus.
Weekly Menu: April 24-30, 2011
Sunday: Root Vegetable Tagine & Spice Roasted Chickpeas Monday: Julia’s Salmon en Papillote Tuesday: Lentil Country Supper Wednesday: leftovers: Tagine Thursday: leftovers: Lentil Country Supper Friday: Homemade Pizza (DIY) Saturday: Eat out   So I know this Sunday is Easter, but unfortunately I don’t have an Easter menu for you...we’re just not huge Easter people.  We typically celebrate by doing the 40 mile Paradise Loop bike ride out to Sausalito for a nice brunch and then just have a normal Sunday.  But I would love to see other’s Easter menus...perhaps it will inspire me next year!
Weekly Menu: April 17-23, 2011
Sunday: Spaghetti & Meatballs Monday: Grilled white fish with sauteed spinach and wild rice (DIY) Tuesday: leftovers: Spaghetti & Meatballs Wednesday: Egg Dish...most likely Huevos Rancheros (DIY) Thursday: Tortellini Soup with Broccoli & Mushrooms Friday: leftovers: Tortellini Soup Saturday: Eat out   Since this is our first week back from 2 1/2 weeks of vacation in Asia, I’ve planned a pretty easy menu week.  A bit carb heavy I guess, but some good ‘ole American comfort food for our return!