Traveling and food go hand in hand for me...what better way to learn about a culture and it's people than to follow their traditions and eat the food that has been a part of their history?  It gives you a true sense of place in my opinion and really allows you to feel a connection...especially if you're willing to try just about anything like I am!  So when I am fortunate enough to travel I do a decent amount of research to ensure I'm not wasting a single meal and getting a truly authentic culinary experience.

Within SavoryGirl Travel, I'll share my research and recommendations in the form of foodie itineraries, photos, videos and write-ups on our favorite foodie finds, restaurants, and activities that we discovered while traveling.  Bon Voyage et Bon Appétit!








Foodie Travel Tips Anyone??

Where are you headed to next?  Where are you from?  What are your favorite foodie destinations?  Any tips, tricks, suggestions or watchouts you have for anywhere in the world are always welcome!  Please feel free to share via the comments on any one of my relevant travel posts or reach out via twitter @savory_girl.



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